Product: Breville One-Touch Tea Maker

Hello, people! For the past week, I have been enjoying a new appliance. It is an automatic tea kettle by Breville called the One-Touch Tea Maker. I have never had an automatic tea maker before. Normally, I would heat up an electric kettle of water whenever I felt like it, but sometimes I would forget to come back to make tea when it was done, so I would need to reboil the water. (*^^*)

This is the tea station in my room
Loose tea goes into this basket

But with this appliance, once it’s set up, it can make a delicious brew automatically at whatever time it’s set for. I have been setting it up to brew ten minutes before my daily alarm goes off, so I have fresh tea to start my day!

The display screen shows the temperature and the remaining brew time

It does not over-steep the tea either. This kettle has special brewing features based on the type of tea and desired strength, and based on the temperature the water needs to be for optimal flavor and brew time. However, if you know a certain tea needs more or less brew time, it can be customized. For example, I have a fruit-and-floral tea blend that tastes better the longer it brews, so where the preset brew time would be five minutes, I change it to eight.

The tea is fully brewed!
I love drinking tea from pretty teacups–it tastes so much better that way ^^

This tea maker has been a wonderful investment into my daily routine. It gives me a solid reason to wake up early in the morning. ^^

The full make, style, and name of this product is Breville BTM800XL One-Touch Tea Maker

Has anyone else tried this maker? If not, it’s worth it!


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