Mini Pizza Making in Vintage Oven

A couple days ago, I was inspired to make mini pizzas in my vintage Little Lady children’s oven.  I used a Chef Boyardee Pizza Maker kit for the dough and sauce.  I had also prepared shredded mozzarella cheese, cut bacon, grape seed oil for the baking sheet and dough, and Celtic sea salt to season the dough before putting on the toppings. 

Until I started to make mini food myself with small cooking tools and appliances, I had never appreciated how much time it really takes to make these items–one at a time!  I spent probably one to one-and-a-half hours making 8 mini pizzas.  Each pizza takes about 8-10 minutes to bake inside the oven, depending on when I hear it sizzle. 

One cool thing thing to note about the project, since it took so long to complete, is that somewhere along the way the little pot of broth on the stove actually started to boil (small scale, of course!). Now that is a long time! ^^

Until next time~

Vintage Pink Little Lady Electric Mini Oven

Good evening!

Today I wanted to share a small glimpse of my mini cooking collection.  I have always been a big fan of small items, but over the last year it has developed into a personal mini-kitchen of tools needed to make small recipes. 

This all started when I discovered the Lucky Penny Shop channel on YouTube and then also his other channel, Lucky Mini Food, where he cooks in his mini kitchen, showing you how to make a variety of recipes.

A while back, I had purchased a vintage pink Little Lady electric stove and oven.  I have since only dabbled using the thing for toasting a croissant, or heating some hot chocolate, but never a proper mini meal.  That is, until yesterday!  Take a look! ^^

This mini breakfast includes two quail eggs sunny-side-up and a diagonal cut crispy toast with strawberry jam.  Yum!

Around the same time, I also picked up children Revere Ware cooking pans and other utensils.  I have so many small supplies that it fills up two child-sized cupboards~! ^^  

One of these days I will show you my sweet little inventory.  

See you next time!