Happy Halloween🍂

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I hope you have a spook-tacular day!


Doki Doki Halloween Crate October 2020

Hi! This past month, I received another Doki Doki Crate, a subscription box of curated items from Japan. Here is what was inside of my October 2020 Doki Doki Crate.

Inside this month’s box were five items: a notebook, Cinnamoroll tray, ghost cat keychain plush, nano beads kit, and a shiba plush wearing a Jack-o-Lantern hat.

The items are cute, but I thought there would be something even more Halloween-y… Anyway, my favorite item in this box is the shiba plush.


Harvest Moon

Good night, everyone! Today is October 1st and there is a full moon, the Harvest Moon. The night sky is currently cloudy, so I’m hoping for a clearing to come soon. However, I am enjoying the wait with a cup of tea. Specially selected for the occasion was pumpkin spice tea. Spice teas are my favorite in the fall. (*^^*)

Having a hot beverage on a cold night, while sitting in the dark, to me, is very enjoyable and calming.

Anyone else viewing of the full moon tonight?

Sweet dreams~

P.S.: While waiting for the night, day-side I had visited a cider mill, ate cider donuts and had hot cider. A great start to October. Yum!

Japan Crate October 2020 Halloween Snack Box

Recently I re-subscribed to Japan Crate, a Japanese snack box. Since the next box’s theme was Halloween for October, I had to get it. ^^ It was filled with 18 different Halloween-type snacks, including a Lipton Creme Brulee beverage.

These boxes are so much fun! They are thoughtfully curated to a monthly theme, influencing the assortment and packaging.

With the boxes right now, there is an additional shipping fee using DHL, but because of that I got the box within days after being shipped. I also love the new shipping schedule; I actually get the box before the intended month. Although, I’m not sure that is so good since I enjoyed the treats before the season. ^^

Has anyone else tried Japan Crate?


Sugar Sugar Rune Ita Bag

Hello! It has been long in coming, but I finally assembled a trinket collection of Sugar Sugar Rune (SSR) items and put them inside of my ita bag! I had purchased this bag from an anime convention last year and only now have I used it.

With my collection of SSR merchandise, it seems it would have been simple. However, the bag having such small windows and limited space actually made it difficult because I had use small items to make it flow, rather than placing two or three large items inside the panel–it would have looked too cluttered.

What really helped and inspired me to complete the bag was snagging these newly released manga-drawn acrylic keychains. I was thrilled that there is one of Pierre~! The other two I used in the bag is of Houx and Saule. They pulled the whole thing together. ^^

There are different ways to attach items to an ita bag insert, but my preferred method is sewing it in. I used clear thread so it wouldn’t distract from the trinkets. It is clean, neat, and holds things in place very well.

I may do some extra stitching, securing the chains, and also add a couple more things to the bag later. Nonetheless, I am happy that I have it ready to go.

Thanks for reading~


Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since my last post. I have been enjoying the summer by waking up early to see the sunrise, walking through the morning dew, tending to my garden, drying herbs, having backyard fires, and reading plenty of books. ^^

My recent morning breakfast and morning read

Now that the season has progressed, I am starting to see the flowers become sparse, the produce yield lessening, and the air having a nice coolness instead of the intense heat and humidity. It is nice that it has cooled down some, but now there is a lot of rain, so less overall sun.

My prayer plant has flowered several times this year~ such a treat!

This Summer I have become more aware and attuned to nature. And with that, I have been outside more than ever! Here are a mini collection of pictures from my Summer.

This was one of my bok-choy vegetables
When I was at the beach, I enjoyed my vintage Yu-Gi-Oh! towel

A sandy shoreline when I was on vacation
A water sunset
Another sunset, painted with beautiful colors
Of course, I have enjoyed tea parties, too~

There are several things I want to do before the season is over, like set up a box garden so I can grow leafy-greens during the Autumn and Winter months, identify all of the miscellaneous plants growing in my yard (it helps hone botany skills), set up collection bookshelves, and use my sun-oven at least one more time during a sunny day. After that, it will be time for Autumn activities!

Have a good day~!

Teavana: It’s Legacy Lives On

Teavana was one of my favorite stores to visit in malls.  It was a tea-lover’s dream store, carrying all sorts of teas from basic to ethnic, savory to sweet. After it’s stores went extinct in 2018, it has been sorely missed… by me. 

I have been obsessed with tea for years, and Teavana was one of the best resources I had to purchasing rare teas and blends. But it wasn’t just that: it was inspiring a whole way of life. I loved everything about the place: from purchasing a new tea tin when selecting a new tea, sampling teas, and seeing all of the new innovative tea tumblers, tea pots, cups, and mugs.

The highlight inside the stores was seeing the impressive wall filled with large canisters of loose tea. When selecting a tea, the associate would waft the smell of the tea from the canister your way so you know how it will taste. They would make recommendations, as well as let you create your own tea blend if you wanted. Also, if you needed something to drink on the go, the associates would freshly brew some tea for you with rock sugar. Yum!

After saying all that, Teavana’s name is still out there. Here’s what’s left of the legacy of Teavana–a small selection of pre-bottled teas and tea bags of some of their most popular tea blends. You may also see Teavana teas offered on a Starbucks menu.

This was the first time I have ever purchased the offered goods of the revised Teavana brand. I picked up three types of the tea bag containers, and I tried four flavors of the bottled tea. My favorite is the bottled unsweetened strawberry apple. Of the tea bags, I have only tried the peach tranquility. It’s flavor isn’t very potent, so it easily tastes watered down.

From the time when the stores were open, I had accumulated quite a collection of their teas in tea tins. And because their stores are no longer around, to me, the tea and tins from those visits are priceless.

Anyone else missing Teavana?


New Editions of Sugar Sugar Rune

Hello! I am so excited to share this with all of you.  There were new editions of the Sugar Sugar Rune manga released this year in Japan.  There are eight volumes for the original editions, but with this new one there is a total of four books, each of them containing two volumes worth of the manga.

I have the complete eight original volumes in English, but I could not resist the new editions.  The cover illustrations are simply gorgeous.  Can you guess my fave?  It is the one with Pierre~! *^^*

I am so stoked that they have been releasing new merchandise and content for this series.  Over the years, the author, Moyoko Anno, has made new illustrations of the characters and has produced new merchandise, such as a 2020 calendar, newly released bookmarks (I’ve shown them in another post), and now these. 

Besides these new manga editions, there also was a different release of a collection book showing more in depth information on the series; more illustrations of characters, rooms, and the world.

I was surprised with the little heart, notebook-looking item attached to the back cover. It turned out to be a mini magical item catalog from the series~! ^^

The new editions are well made, easy to flip through. I opened the first and last book to check the contents, and from what I saw, the content is the same as the original—no new illustrations or plot changes.

The content may be the same, but the cover illustrations themselves make it worth it. Before, there was, like, nothing with Pierre on it.  And now there are more items than ever featuring him.  So happy~