Happy Easter! Pastels, Tea, Bunnies, Goodies

Hello, sweeties!  Easter is a wonderful holiday.  It coincides with the beautiful Springtime weather, plants growing back and flowering.  Thus there are many Spring aesthetics that work well for Easter.  Here are some of my favorites: for motifs, bunnies, lambs, eggs, flowers, and crosses; pastels colors; real and artificial flowers and grasses for a Springtime feel; and teatime decorations to add a touch of grace and hospitality.

So on that note, I put together some displays in honor of the holiday.  I decorated a pink shelving unit with all kinds of knickknacks.

(* • ᴗ • *) و ̑̑

The top shelf has two lamb ceramic planters decorated with pompom bows.  In the middle is an Easter egg necklace.  It’s so sweet~

On the second shelf I have two Easter baskets, one with a vintage Rainbow Brite Easter card, and the other with Usakumya mini pouch.

There was one new thing I added to the Easter schedule this year: a teatime!  I had a new tea to use for this and some special seasonal cheeses.  The tea was a lovely Marie-Antoinette tea, made of rose petals, apples, and black Ceylon.

For the cheeses, there were three types: Wensleydale with raspberry and white chocolate, Wensleydale with lemon and honey, and aged English cheddar.  They all tasted soo good!  We ate them with Ritz crackers.

All-in-all, Easter day was fun.  I dressed up in a lavender dress and I did wear the Easter egg necklace I showed on that pink shelf–it wasn’t just for display. ^^

Oh, yeah, this was my favorite colored egg~


˙˚ ᕱ⑅ᕱ ˚˙