Kodocha Collection Displays

Hi, everyone!  Before, I had mentioned having some displays for my Kodocha merchandise, so now I will show you how I set most of them up.  The first one is a floating shelf to fit a short wall space.  On it are various vintage boxed toys.  Let’s take a look!

They are all toys used throughout the series, or product adjacent.  So if you have watched it, you should recognize most of these. ^^

From left to right: Pichees, toy cellphones, pink for Sana and blue for Akito; a Buruccha communicator; RecoMail, recordable message cards; PhotoFile, a photo album for the camera; New Polaroid Camera, because this is the style used later in the series; Syabetch wrist watch; Sana Idol Techou, an idol notebook with topics of fashion, love, and entertainment; Nopia piano toy; and the notorious Personality Book.

Also on this shelf are some Kodocha re-ment miniture dishes.  They have either Babbit, Akito, or Sana painted on the front.

Below the toy shelf is a chain holding pins, two types of figure keychain sets, and these string-climbing toys, one of Babbit and one of Sana-moth.

On another wall is a pink poster of Akito and Sana linking arms, announcing the show being on DVD and VHS.  I love the pink background and rainbow polkadots~

There was a ribbon picture box not being used, so I decided to use it for select merchandise highlighting Akito and Sana.  It includes one picture, three keychains, two pins of manga​ panels, a Sana-x-Akito passcase, two cellphone charms of manga​ covers, a sticker sheet, and a random tiny vinyl illustration of pre-historic Sana and Akito.

There is one other display area of a poster, this time of Sana and Akito on a moped and advertising the anime laser disc box sets.  It just so happens I own both box sets and one of them coordinates perfectly with this poster.  It has a reverse-view illustration of them on the moped.  Oh, and I also had to include a giant squeaky hammer to the display. (>ᴗ<)

Collecting for a series is a lot of fun~! ^^  When I discover all of these products I didn’t know exists, it is like finding buried treasure.  Plus, specifically for this series, I love the pairing of Sana and Akito.  They look so cute together!

​Take care~!