Doki Doki Crate March 2020: Sakura Season

Hello, cuties~!  Here is the Doki Doki box for March 2020.  This month’s theme is Sakura Season, the season of cherry blossoms in Japan (which is coming up soon).​  Inside this box was five items: a Cardcaptor Sakura lamp, Cardcaptor Sakura spoon and fork set, Hello Kitty sakura towel, Rilakkuma sakura cup,  and a shiba dog plush.

This box is perfect because I have a weeping cherry blossom tree in my yard.  So, like the Japanese, I am planning on enjoying the short time that it will be in bloom by sitting underneath it, relaxing with a cup of a tea imported from Japan: Lipton sakura tea~!  I am eager to try the tea with some picnic foods, so the items from my Doki Doki box will add to the cute floral aesthetic. ^^

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Kawaii Box March 2020: Kawaii Fantasyland

Hello, sweeties~!  It’s a new month and the March 2020 Kawaii Box is here!  This month’s theme is Kawaii Fantasyland–magical cuteness.  Inside were eight items: a candy cup keychain, a package of Mickey Mouse fruit gummies, a jellyfish plush, magical girl stickers, shiba inu theme pouch, magicial girl star wand pen, uni-kitty notebook, and a Pompompurin headband.

Everything is so cute!  I have two favorites from this box: the Pompompurin headband and the jellyfish plush. 


Doki Doki Crate February 2020

Hello, cuties~!  Yesterday I received February’s Doki Doki Crate.  This is a monthly service where they send you a box of 5-6 surprise assorted items, directly from Japan, which could be anything from household goods, plushies, accessories, and more.  The theme for this month’s box is Valentine’s Wishes.

Inside mine was a Pokemon heart jewelry box, Rilakkuma floor mat, yellow Pekko-chan candy highlighter, My Melody door organizer, and a Puku Hoppe plush.  Everything is cute and coordinates well.

My favorite item from this month’s box is the… wait for it… Rilakkuma mat!  To me, this is the most interesting item.  It is so aesthetically kawaii–the pastel colors, cursive writing, floral motifs, plus the mat is super soft.  Right now I am using it as a placemat for my My Little Pony Build-a-Bear stuffed animals to stand on.  So cute~

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Kawaii Box February 2020

Hello~!  In light of the upcoming holiday, I decided to share what was in my latest box from Blippo’s monthly subscription Kawaii Box.  This is a service where they create and fill a box with several cute items and send them to you.  The fun thing about Kawaii Box is that what’s inside is a surprise. 

As a note, it isn’t the first time I have received one of these boxes; this is simply to show what cute items were put inside this time.  Particularly because of this month’s theme.  Can you guess it?  I’m sure you’ve guessed it–St. Valentine’s Day!

The little booklet inside was titled “Valentine’s Day Chu”, and inside it highlighted all of the items in the box with a cute, small description for the use/thought behind the product.

In total, there were eight items in this box: five stationary types, two snacks, one household item, and two plushies (technically one).​  Everything is so cute, especially the whale plushies.  Apparently, if you give one to i.e., a friend, when you see each other you are to reunite the whales and have them hold fins *squeal*~!  Too cute. ^^

Do you want to experience this service yourself? Click here to head over!

Kawaii Things

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