Vintage Valentines and Cards

Hello!  Here is another mix of vintage Valentine’s Day cards.  This assortment includes Sky Dancers, The Magic of Unicorns, She-Ra, Care Bears, Lovely Lady Locks, Barbie, random vintage, Sailor Moon, and Popples.  They are all sooo cute~! 

Besides the Valentine cards, I also have blank Rose Petal Place cards, a Lisa Frank party invite, Rainbow Brite party invitations, a Hugga Bunch party card, The Swan Princess party invite, and a Lovely Lady Locks thank you card.

In this last picture, you can see the cards are not in a frame… I kind of ran out of nice frames to use. ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ  So they will be on my little pink shelf for now.


P.S.: most of the Valentines were purchased from RainbowValentineShop @Etsy. ❥Maria

The Girly 80s: Pastels, Horses, and Rainbows

Hello~!  How is everyone doing?  I hope you’re all well.  With all the shut-downs because of the virus, I have been cooped up in my house without much going on.  But I would like to share with all of you what has been piquing my interest lately.

I’ve been interested in the 1980s; whether it be icons, TV shows, synthwave music, merchandise…  It wasn’t my era, but it is so fun to see everything that was available and popular at the time. 

Part of my past diving involves watching TV shows from that decade, such as Rainbow Brite 1984, She-Ra: Princess of Power 1985, Jem and the Holograms 1985, and Lady Lovely Locks 1987.  Each of the series have a relatively short run of episodes, but the stories are pretty entertaining and cute. (ღ•͈ᴗ•͈ღ)

Another sliver of interest is the merchandise, specifically toys, from the ’80s.  I have read articles or watched videos of people who collect items from that decade, seeing so many toys I didn’t know existed. 

​One toy brand from that time includes the Generation 1 My Little Pony toys, which I discovered that, besides mares, they also made stallion ponies (you know, males).  I have a lovely vintage pony set made in 1988 called Loving Family Ponies, which includes three ponies: Daddy Bright Bouquet, Mommy Bright Bouquet, and Baby Bright Bouquet.

Besides shows and toys, I have also been collecting vintage Valentine’s Day cards.  I have quite a variety, but the ’80s ones consist of The Magic of Unicorns, She-Ra, Lady Lovely Locks, Rose Petal Place, Care Bears, and Barbie (although I believe the outfit resembles ’90s…).

There are some other items to highlight, but I will leave that for another day.  This is just a small glimpse into the very cute characters of the time and the creative use of colors.

❥ ~!

Buyee Purchases: Kodocha and Sugar Sugar Rune

Previously, I talked about using the shopping service, Buyee, to purchase some rare items.  In this post I will reveal what I had inside that large box I received.  Most of the merchandise is vintage from the anime/manga Kodocha, and also some items from another anime/manga called Sugar Sugar Rune.

It is all an assortment of toys, stationary paper products, posters (they are rolled up to the right ^^), key chains, pins, and household goods.  Everything is so cute and are great collectibles, excellent for displaying.  I have since created space in my room featuring  my collection, utilizing a floating shelf to display the new Kodocha toys with other ones I have and a chain holding key chains and themed button-pins across my wall.

I especially love the Sugar Sugar Rune calendar.  It is one for this new year, 2020, and has beautiful illustrations, including one of Pierre. *swoon*  

Thanks for reading~!

Mini Pizza Making in Vintage Oven

A couple days ago, I was inspired to make mini pizzas in my vintage Little Lady children’s oven.  I used a Chef Boyardee Pizza Maker kit for the dough and sauce.  I had also prepared shredded mozzarella cheese, cut bacon, grape seed oil for the baking sheet and dough, and Celtic sea salt to season the dough before putting on the toppings. 

Until I started to make mini food myself with small cooking tools and appliances, I had never appreciated how much time it really takes to make these items–one at a time!  I spent probably one to one-and-a-half hours making 8 mini pizzas.  Each pizza takes about 8-10 minutes to bake inside the oven, depending on when I hear it sizzle. 

One cool thing thing to note about the project, since it took so long to complete, is that somewhere along the way the little pot of broth on the stove actually started to boil (small scale, of course!). Now that is a long time! ^^

Until next time~

Vintage Pink Little Lady Electric Mini Oven

Good evening!

Today I wanted to share a small glimpse of my mini cooking collection.  I have always been a big fan of small items, but over the last year it has developed into a personal mini-kitchen of tools needed to make small recipes. 

This all started when I discovered the Lucky Penny Shop channel on YouTube and then also his other channel, Lucky Mini Food, where he cooks in his mini kitchen, showing you how to make a variety of recipes.

A while back, I had purchased a vintage pink Little Lady electric stove and oven.  I have since only dabbled using the thing for toasting a croissant, or heating some hot chocolate, but never a proper mini meal.  That is, until yesterday!  Take a look! ^^

This mini breakfast includes two quail eggs sunny-side-up and a diagonal cut crispy toast with strawberry jam.  Yum!

Around the same time, I also picked up children Revere Ware cooking pans and other utensils.  I have so many small supplies that it fills up two child-sized cupboards~! ^^  

One of these days I will show you my sweet little inventory.  

See you next time!

Cute Kitsch Ceramic Figurines

Hello, everyone! ^^

Today I want to share with you something that has been entertaining me for the last couple of weeks.  Don’t ask me why, but I have been interested in adding kitsch to my house decor.  Kitsch is basically where you are decorating using a lot of trinkets, wall art, and semi-popular images. 

My styling currently ranges from Shabby Chic, kawaii (Japanese cute), and young girl, childhood nostalgia.  And, actually, adding the kitsch in has been pretty much seamless.  I already had some made in Japan kitsch ceramic figurines in my room, just a trivial amount compared to what my collection is now. (*^-^*) 

I will be highlighting my kitsch ceramic figurines.  Most of what I have picked up has been sourced from antique shops and thrift stores.  There are some key elements I look for in the ceramic figures: that is that they have cute coloring (pastels), have eyelashes or super cute eyes, are not frowning, have little wear and damage (I mean, they are antiques, so a little is fine!), and are made in Japan. 

Some of the types of figurines are money banks, salt and pepper shaker sets, chained mother and babies sets (not really sure what they are called ^^;), planters, or just the simple individual ones.   

In general, most of the things I use in my decorating already have a vintage flare, so I am really pleased to have found another styling element.  It has been a fun summer project and I am sure it will blend into another kitsch scene in the future. Such as anthropomorphic paintings (O.O).  But that is for another time.