Harvest Moon

Good night, everyone! Today is October 1st and there is a full moon, the Harvest Moon. The night sky is currently cloudy, so I’m hoping for a clearing to come soon. However, I am enjoying the wait with a cup of tea. Specially selected for the occasion was pumpkin spice tea. Spice teas are my favorite in the fall. (*^^*)

Having a hot beverage on a cold night, while sitting in the dark, to me, is very enjoyable and calming.

Anyone else viewing of the full moon tonight?

Sweet dreams~

P.S.: While waiting for the night, day-side I had visited a cider mill, ate cider donuts and had hot cider. A great start to October. Yum!


Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since my last post. I have been enjoying the summer by waking up early to see the sunrise, walking through the morning dew, tending to my garden, drying herbs, having backyard fires, and reading plenty of books. ^^

My recent morning breakfast and morning read

Now that the season has progressed, I am starting to see the flowers become sparse, the produce yield lessening, and the air having a nice coolness instead of the intense heat and humidity. It is nice that it has cooled down some, but now there is a lot of rain, so less overall sun.

My prayer plant has flowered several times this year~ such a treat!

This Summer I have become more aware and attuned to nature. And with that, I have been outside more than ever! Here are a mini collection of pictures from my Summer.

This was one of my bok-choy vegetables
When I was at the beach, I enjoyed my vintage Yu-Gi-Oh! towel

A sandy shoreline when I was on vacation
A water sunset
Another sunset, painted with beautiful colors
Of course, I have enjoyed tea parties, too~

There are several things I want to do before the season is over, like set up a box garden so I can grow leafy-greens during the Autumn and Winter months, identify all of the miscellaneous plants growing in my yard (it helps hone botany skills), set up collection bookshelves, and use my sun-oven at least one more time during a sunny day. After that, it will be time for Autumn activities!

Have a good day~!

Home Remedy Notes: Castor Oil Compress

Hello, everyone! Today I am going to share a home remedy I tried this morning; a castor oil compress. Castor oil is known to help with inflammation. With that in mind, I decided to try a compress for my knee. For the past few weeks, I have been experiencing pain when my knee is bent, which makes it difficult when I need to squat to pick something up, or while sitting in certain positions.

Assessing the symptoms, it seemed to have bursitis–inflammation of the bursa–and since I wanted some relief, I decided to take the opportunity to try this remedy. It calls for: castor oil, a triple-layer flannel cloth, plastic wrap, a hot water-bottle, and baking soda.

This is the cotton flannel I used and the herbal castor oil with the Infinity Jar I store it in

I used an herbal violet leaf infused castor oil that I had made some months back, hence the green color. To apply the oil, it needs to first soak into the cotton flannel cloth. I kept the cloth folded, using a small rectangle section of the cloth to soak the oil into so that it would be enough for only the effected area.

After that, I placed the cloth, oil side down, on my knee and wrapped it with plastic wrap to hold it in place. The compress needed to be on for an hour with applied heat; so from that point, I was reclining in my bed with an XL hot water bottle over the compress–which I made sure to prepare before starting this process to make it easier. ^^

When the hour was over, I removed the plastic wrap, placed the castor oil infused cloth into a zip bag to save for another time, and washed the residue off of my knee using baking soda and water.

Something to keep in mind is that castor oil is super sticky and basically impossible to remove from fabric, so I used disposable gloves while applying the caster oil to the cloth, careful not to touch anything else. Also, I had a towel under my leg to ensure that none of the oil would stain my bed.

So, what was the result? It is surprising, but since the treatment this morning, I actually have not experienced any pain in my knee today. This was a sweet surprise–it feels so much better! ^3^ I hadn’t thought I would notice such a difference after only one application. I will probably repeat this process for the next few days, though, to see if that will prevent the possibility of the inflammation returning.

Has anyone else tried this?

Have a good night!

Sunday Close

Hello~!  I was just working at my computer and wanted to share a perspective picture of part of my station.  The last bit of sun that was going through the window was only a band of light across the wall and supplies.

You can see the cute writing tools that I keep in a vintage cup.  The large heart dangling from one has glitter inside and was catching the light. So pretty. ^^

You never know when something will sparkle!


Summer Roller Skating

This summer, I feel like I have taken advantage of the good weather to the fullest by doing many outdoor activities, particularly skating.  I have always liked skating, ever since I was little, but when I got into my late teens, I had fallen out of the skate scene. 

That is until my interest was rekindled by seeing what cute styles are out there!

My last pair of skates were inlines, which unfortunately had long since been donated.  But it gave me the perfect excuse to pick up the cutest pair of skates ever.  The ones I have are an adorable strawberry pink color, and they roll so well that I leave everyone in the dust. (*^^*)

Some days, I would skate until the sun started to set.  Simply beautiful!

With there being such good weather, it has been so easy to grab my gear and stop by a park after work or on a day off to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.  I haven’t skated so much in my entire life! ^o^

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Welcome to Humble Violet

Hello and welcome to my blog, Humble Violet!  

My name is Maria.  I am a fashion fairy who loves being elegant, feminine, and cute. 

This is my notebook for writing about anything that interests me: events, products, services, etc. Consistently, I write about Japanese related topics, cute kawaii things, fashion, beauty, and tea.

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Have fun! ^^