May Day

Hello! It is the first day of May, and I started it off with a refreshing barefoot walk through the morning dew. It was a cold 45 degrees, but so therapeutic.

To dress up my yard for the day, I decorated my little lilac bush and landscape tree with colorful ribbons looped around the branches. They look so pretty when the wind is blowing.

Do you see the violet in the grass? ^^

The day’s cold start turned into gorgeous weather, warm and sunny, so I enjoyed most of the sunlight with a spontaneous tea party~ I made Marie Antoinette tea and picked up some assorted mini cheese cake tarts.

Overall, it has been a very pleasant day. It inspired me to bring out all of my artificial flowers to arrange into vases to set around the house. They are perfect for brightening rooms~


Save the Planet: Earth Day

Hi, everyone!  It’s Earth Day, the perfect day to reacquaint yourself with the beauty of this planet and appreciate nature, it’s beauty and longevity. The life cycle in plants, animals, and even the landscape is fascinating as it continues to grow and change.

There are many things that raise awareness of Earth preservation. Making time to forest bathe, sketching a plant, bird watching, plant trees and gardens, setting up bat houses… These are all things that lead to more Earth preservation efforts.

Since it’s sometimes hard to come up with ways to celebrate Earth Day, here is a list of ideas I came up with. ^^

Ideas for the Day

DRINK MATCHA: it tastes like Earthy goodness

FOREST BATHE: go into a forest, with no sounds other than the wildlife, and soak it all in

BIRD WATCH: for a more interactive activity, bird watch; keep track of bird species you find in a notebook

WORK IN YOUR YARD: maybe this is a good time to clean up the landscape or start the garden (if you haven’t already)

SKETCH PLANTS: it’s a good past-time that also gives you drawing practice

READ OUTSIDE: I like to read, specifically from antique botany and plant books, natural remedy guides, and biographies of historical figures

Let’s save the planet. It’s Earth Day.

To finish, I will leave you with a few inspirational quotes from the 19th century national parks advocate, John Muir:

“The forests of America, however slighted by man, must have been a great delight to God; for they were the best he ever planted. The whole continent was a garden, and from the beginning, it seemed to be favored above all the other wild parks and gardens of the globe.” –John Muir

“God has cared for these trees, saved them from drought, disease, avalanches, and a thousand tempests and floods. But he cannot save them from fools.” –John Muir

Take a course in good water and air; and in the eternal youth of Nature you may renew your own. Go quietly, alone; no harm will befall you.” – John Muir

Happy Easter! Pastels, Tea, Bunnies, Goodies

Hello, sweeties!  Easter is a wonderful holiday.  It coincides with the beautiful Springtime weather, plants growing back and flowering.  Thus there are many Spring aesthetics that work well for Easter.  Here are some of my favorites: for motifs, bunnies, lambs, eggs, flowers, and crosses; pastels colors; real and artificial flowers and grasses for a Springtime feel; and teatime decorations to add a touch of grace and hospitality.

So on that note, I put together some displays in honor of the holiday.  I decorated a pink shelving unit with all kinds of knickknacks.

(* • ᴗ • *) و ̑̑

The top shelf has two lamb ceramic planters decorated with pompom bows.  In the middle is an Easter egg necklace.  It’s so sweet~

On the second shelf I have two Easter baskets, one with a vintage Rainbow Brite Easter card, and the other with Usakumya mini pouch.

There was one new thing I added to the Easter schedule this year: a teatime!  I had a new tea to use for this and some special seasonal cheeses.  The tea was a lovely Marie-Antoinette tea, made of rose petals, apples, and black Ceylon.

For the cheeses, there were three types: Wensleydale with raspberry and white chocolate, Wensleydale with lemon and honey, and aged English cheddar.  They all tasted soo good!  We ate them with Ritz crackers.

All-in-all, Easter day was fun.  I dressed up in a lavender dress and I did wear the Easter egg necklace I showed on that pink shelf–it wasn’t just for display. ^^

Oh, yeah, this was my favorite colored egg~


˙˚ ᕱ⑅ᕱ ˚˙

Vintage Valentines and Cards

Hello!  Here is another mix of vintage Valentine’s Day cards.  This assortment includes Sky Dancers, The Magic of Unicorns, She-Ra, Care Bears, Lovely Lady Locks, Barbie, random vintage, Sailor Moon, and Popples.  They are all sooo cute~! 

Besides the Valentine cards, I also have blank Rose Petal Place cards, a Lisa Frank party invite, Rainbow Brite party invitations, a Hugga Bunch party card, The Swan Princess party invite, and a Lovely Lady Locks thank you card.

In this last picture, you can see the cards are not in a frame… I kind of ran out of nice frames to use. ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ  So they will be on my little pink shelf for now.


P.S.: most of the Valentines were purchased from RainbowValentineShop @Etsy. ❥Maria

Hina-matsuri: Girls’ Day or Doll’s Day

Hello!  Today is March 3rd, the day the Japanese observe Hina-matsuri, a type of doll festival or girls’ festival.  It is an event where families display ornamental dolls on a red carpet covered platform, sometime before the holiday, and girls would celebrate with a party, enjoying the company of friends, sweets and traditionally drink shirozake, a mildly sweet non-alcoholic rice wine.

Some years back, I visited an art institution when they had a Japanese cultural exhibit.  There were a variety of topics, including demonstrations of furoshiki,ikebana, obi tying and, of course, Hina-matsuri.  While I was there I took a few pictures of the display.  The dolls on top represent the Emperor and Empress, the next being attendants, musicians, etc.

This tradition apparently continues until a girl reaches the age of 10 years.  But while they are in the qualifying years, they get to enjoy this display for a single day, or perhaps for the whole month of March. 

A little detail I find amusing about Girls’ Day, though, is that there is a superstition that the longer the dolls are kept out, past March 3rd, the longer it will take for the girls (daughters) to marry.  So if a family decides to leave the display out, who knows how the girl’s future will be. ^^


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone!  I hope your holiday has been fun.  For me, the day had been a busy one filled mostly with Halloween preparations.  Thankfully I did a majority of my seasonal decorations at the beginning of the month so it didn’t take too long for that. ^^;  I spent the day making pumpkin spice scones, carving pumpkins, roasting pumpkin seeds, tidying the house, displaying my Halloween teas, and finalizing everything before my guests arrived. 

For the party, everyone wore glow necklaces; watched the 1931 version of Dracula; ate pizza, scones and tea, and candy; then played a couple rounds of Tripoly (it’s lots of fun!).

My favorite part of the season (besides drinking hot cider and listening to Autumn music) has been assembling a collection of spoopy (spooky cute) accessories.  I have had so much fun getting Halloween accessories from Etsy sellers to get in the spirit of the season.  Besides, how could I say no to such deliciously spoopy jewelry?  They look so sweet on my dresser.

All in all, the party was a success.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and had their fill of sweets.  I most certainly did!

Have a fun and safe night! (^3^)

Cute Halloween Preparation

Hello, everyone!

It’s that time of year again when I prepare for another cute Halloween celebration.  Hosting a party for Halloween has become an annual event in my household, where there are plenty of cute decorations, seasonal teas, Autumn specific foods, fun games like apple bobbing, and quality company. (✿◠‿◠)

This year I decided I wanted to wear a cute Halloween outfit with likewise themed accessories.  The main element is a ‘spoop’ sweater I purchased on Etsy and these adorable necklaces, bracelet, and earrings.

For the party itself, This year’s theme is a Halloween tea party masquerade.  We will have a lovely spread of Autumn treats and sandwiches, snacks, and of course apple cider.  A bonfire with rainbow flames is in the lineup and outdoor apple bobbing.

One element I am planning to incorporate involves using a large pumpkin.  So I picked up one large pumpkin which will be turned into an ice cooler for pop, probably Dr. Pepper.  My favorite fall-time chips will be provided at the party, Rainbow Chips by Better Made.  The burnt taste is really yummy ​(っ◔◡◔)っ ❤

With this much planned, it leaves enough room for socializing and any other ideas I have.

What about you?  Do you have cute plans for Halloween?