Sugar Sugar Rune Ita Bag

Hello! It has been long in coming, but I finally assembled a trinket collection of Sugar Sugar Rune (SSR) items and put them inside of my ita bag! I had purchased this bag from an anime convention last year and only now have I used it.

With my collection of SSR merchandise, it seems it would have been simple. However, the bag having such small windows and limited space actually made it difficult because I had use small items to make it flow, rather than placing two or three large items inside the panel–it would have looked too cluttered.

What really helped and inspired me to complete the bag was snagging these newly released manga-drawn acrylic keychains. I was thrilled that there is one of Pierre~! The other two I used in the bag is of Houx and Saule. They pulled the whole thing together. ^^

There are different ways to attach items to an ita bag insert, but my preferred method is sewing it in. I used clear thread so it wouldn’t distract from the trinkets. It is clean, neat, and holds things in place very well.

I may do some extra stitching, securing the chains, and also add a couple more things to the bag later. Nonetheless, I am happy that I have it ready to go.

Thanks for reading~

Kodocha Collection Displays

Hi, everyone!  Before, I had mentioned having some displays for my Kodocha merchandise, so now I will show you how I set most of them up.  The first one is a floating shelf to fit a short wall space.  On it are various vintage boxed toys.  Let’s take a look!

They are all toys used throughout the series, or product adjacent.  So if you have watched it, you should recognize most of these. ^^

From left to right: Pichees, toy cellphones, pink for Sana and blue for Akito; a Buruccha communicator; RecoMail, recordable message cards; PhotoFile, a photo album for the camera; New Polaroid Camera, because this is the style used later in the series; Syabetch wrist watch; Sana Idol Techou, an idol notebook with topics of fashion, love, and entertainment; Nopia piano toy; and the notorious Personality Book.

Also on this shelf are some Kodocha re-ment miniture dishes.  They have either Babbit, Akito, or Sana painted on the front.

Below the toy shelf is a chain holding pins, two types of figure keychain sets, and these string-climbing toys, one of Babbit and one of Sana-moth.

On another wall is a pink poster of Akito and Sana linking arms, announcing the show being on DVD and VHS.  I love the pink background and rainbow polkadots~

There was a ribbon picture box not being used, so I decided to use it for select merchandise highlighting Akito and Sana.  It includes one picture, three keychains, two pins of manga​ panels, a Sana-x-Akito passcase, two cellphone charms of manga​ covers, a sticker sheet, and a random tiny vinyl illustration of pre-historic Sana and Akito.

There is one other display area of a poster, this time of Sana and Akito on a moped and advertising the anime laser disc box sets.  It just so happens I own both box sets and one of them coordinates perfectly with this poster.  It has a reverse-view illustration of them on the moped.  Oh, and I also had to include a giant squeaky hammer to the display. (>ᴗ<)

Collecting for a series is a lot of fun~! ^^  When I discover all of these products I didn’t know exists, it is like finding buried treasure.  Plus, specifically for this series, I love the pairing of Sana and Akito.  They look so cute together!

​Take care~!

Hello to April

Wow, March went by fast!  So many life altering events happened, largest of which was being obliged to quarantine.  Having so much time off work is new to me.  (๑ˊ▵ॢˋ̥๑)

Well, it’s a new month, so I will try to accomplish more home improvement tasks and will continue working on more collages.  I will show you them when I am finished. ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

The image above is of my Sugar Sugar Rune display. On top is the current calendar illustration for the month of April.

Stay well ✿~♡

Sugar Sugar Rune Collage Displays

Hi, everyone!  Over the last few years I have collected various merchandise of an anime/manga series called Sugar Sugar Rune.  It is a cute show about two witches who are sent from the magical world to Earth to capture the (replaceable) hearts of humans.  In simplified form, it is a competition in which whoever captures the most hearts will become Queen of the magical world. 

With that in mind, there are plenty of references to hearts, love, and magic, so I put together a collage of stickers and prints I purchased from several Etsy stores and have displayed them in a floating frame.

I love the Valentine one~!  It’s so cute. -^^-

There is another collage I put together using a shadowbox to display a variety of things, including my Chocolat and Vanilla dolls, Pierre bookmark, stickers, crystal heart props, promotional prints, Vanilla cellphone strap, and sweet little vinyl notebook/diary.

Besides these recent Sugar Sugar Rune collages, I have also been slowly assembling an ita bag display.  The bag itself is pastel pink with magical-girl-esque detailing.  It’s very cute; however, the window for the bag has, um, interesting cuts, so it makes it difficult to decide what items to put where…  anyway, when I finish it, I will be sure to show you how it turned out.  ^^

So, what do you think? 


The Girly 80s: Pastels, Horses, and Rainbows

Hello~!  How is everyone doing?  I hope you’re all well.  With all the shut-downs because of the virus, I have been cooped up in my house without much going on.  But I would like to share with all of you what has been piquing my interest lately.

I’ve been interested in the 1980s; whether it be icons, TV shows, synthwave music, merchandise…  It wasn’t my era, but it is so fun to see everything that was available and popular at the time. 

Part of my past diving involves watching TV shows from that decade, such as Rainbow Brite 1984, She-Ra: Princess of Power 1985, Jem and the Holograms 1985, and Lady Lovely Locks 1987.  Each of the series have a relatively short run of episodes, but the stories are pretty entertaining and cute. (ღ•͈ᴗ•͈ღ)

Another sliver of interest is the merchandise, specifically toys, from the ’80s.  I have read articles or watched videos of people who collect items from that decade, seeing so many toys I didn’t know existed. 

​One toy brand from that time includes the Generation 1 My Little Pony toys, which I discovered that, besides mares, they also made stallion ponies (you know, males).  I have a lovely vintage pony set made in 1988 called Loving Family Ponies, which includes three ponies: Daddy Bright Bouquet, Mommy Bright Bouquet, and Baby Bright Bouquet.

Besides shows and toys, I have also been collecting vintage Valentine’s Day cards.  I have quite a variety, but the ’80s ones consist of The Magic of Unicorns, She-Ra, Lady Lovely Locks, Rose Petal Place, Care Bears, and Barbie (although I believe the outfit resembles ’90s…).

There are some other items to highlight, but I will leave that for another day.  This is just a small glimpse into the very cute characters of the time and the creative use of colors.

❥ ~!

Buyee Purchases: Kodocha and Sugar Sugar Rune

Previously, I talked about using the shopping service, Buyee, to purchase some rare items.  In this post I will reveal what I had inside that large box I received.  Most of the merchandise is vintage from the anime/manga Kodocha, and also some items from another anime/manga called Sugar Sugar Rune.

It is all an assortment of toys, stationary paper products, posters (they are rolled up to the right ^^), key chains, pins, and household goods.  Everything is so cute and are great collectibles, excellent for displaying.  I have since created space in my room featuring  my collection, utilizing a floating shelf to display the new Kodocha toys with other ones I have and a chain holding key chains and themed button-pins across my wall.

I especially love the Sugar Sugar Rune calendar.  It is one for this new year, 2020, and has beautiful illustrations, including one of Pierre. *swoon*  

Thanks for reading~!

Cute Kitsch Ceramic Figurines

Hello, everyone! ^^

Today I want to share with you something that has been entertaining me for the last couple of weeks.  Don’t ask me why, but I have been interested in adding kitsch to my house decor.  Kitsch is basically where you are decorating using a lot of trinkets, wall art, and semi-popular images. 

My styling currently ranges from Shabby Chic, kawaii (Japanese cute), and young girl, childhood nostalgia.  And, actually, adding the kitsch in has been pretty much seamless.  I already had some made in Japan kitsch ceramic figurines in my room, just a trivial amount compared to what my collection is now. (*^-^*) 

I will be highlighting my kitsch ceramic figurines.  Most of what I have picked up has been sourced from antique shops and thrift stores.  There are some key elements I look for in the ceramic figures: that is that they have cute coloring (pastels), have eyelashes or super cute eyes, are not frowning, have little wear and damage (I mean, they are antiques, so a little is fine!), and are made in Japan. 

Some of the types of figurines are money banks, salt and pepper shaker sets, chained mother and babies sets (not really sure what they are called ^^;), planters, or just the simple individual ones.   

In general, most of the things I use in my decorating already have a vintage flare, so I am really pleased to have found another styling element.  It has been a fun summer project and I am sure it will blend into another kitsch scene in the future. Such as anthropomorphic paintings (O.O).  But that is for another time.