☆ About


​☆ ~ A fashion fairy and cute-enthusiast who simpℓy ℓoves garment making, home decor, cute accessories, and sweet items.

☆ ~ I have an affinity for Japanese cuℓture; incℓuding anime/manga, cooking and cuisine, anything kawaii, ℓoℓita and ouji fashion, and ℓots more!

​☆ ~ Also, I enjoy coℓℓecting vintage ceramics, vintage toys, chiℓdren’s cook-ware, vintage anime merchandise, tea cups… anything cute…

☆ ~ Humble Violet is my onℓine journaℓ where I write about my adventures with sewing, fashion, cospℓay, tea, remedies, and my pursuit of the ℓoveℓy, sweet and cute quaℓities of items.

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