Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since my last post. I have been enjoying the summer by waking up early to see the sunrise, walking through the morning dew, tending to my garden, drying herbs, having backyard fires, and reading plenty of books. ^^

My recent morning breakfast and morning read

Now that the season has progressed, I am starting to see the flowers become sparse, the produce yield lessening, and the air having a nice coolness instead of the intense heat and humidity. It is nice that it has cooled down some, but now there is a lot of rain, so less overall sun.

My prayer plant has flowered several times this year~ such a treat!

This Summer I have become more aware and attuned to nature. And with that, I have been outside more than ever! Here are a mini collection of pictures from my Summer.

This was one of my bok-choy vegetables
When I was at the beach, I enjoyed my vintage Yu-Gi-Oh! towel

A sandy shoreline when I was on vacation
A water sunset
Another sunset, painted with beautiful colors
Of course, I have enjoyed tea parties, too~

There are several things I want to do before the season is over, like set up a box garden so I can grow leafy-greens during the Autumn and Winter months, identify all of the miscellaneous plants growing in my yard (it helps hone botany skills), set up collection bookshelves, and use my sun-oven at least one more time during a sunny day. After that, it will be time for Autumn activities!

Have a good day~!

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