Teavana: It’s Legacy Lives On

Teavana was one of my favorite stores to visit in malls.  It was a tea-lover’s dream store, carrying all sorts of teas from basic to ethnic, savory to sweet. After it’s stores went extinct in 2018, it has been sorely missed… by me. 

I have been obsessed with tea for years, and Teavana was one of the best resources I had to purchasing rare teas and blends. But it wasn’t just that: it was inspiring a whole way of life. I loved everything about the place: from purchasing a new tea tin when selecting a new tea, sampling teas, and seeing all of the new innovative tea tumblers, tea pots, cups, and mugs.

The highlight inside the stores was seeing the impressive wall filled with large canisters of loose tea. When selecting a tea, the associate would waft the smell of the tea from the canister your way so you know how it will taste. They would make recommendations, as well as let you create your own tea blend if you wanted. Also, if you needed something to drink on the go, the associates would freshly brew some tea for you with rock sugar. Yum!

After saying all that, Teavana’s name is still out there. Here’s what’s left of the legacy of Teavana–a small selection of pre-bottled teas and tea bags of some of their most popular tea blends. You may also see Teavana teas offered on a Starbucks menu.

This was the first time I have ever purchased the offered goods of the revised Teavana brand. I picked up three types of the tea bag containers, and I tried four flavors of the bottled tea. My favorite is the bottled unsweetened strawberry apple. Of the tea bags, I have only tried the peach tranquility. It’s flavor isn’t very potent, so it easily tastes watered down.

From the time when the stores were open, I had accumulated quite a collection of their teas in tea tins. And because their stores are no longer around, to me, the tea and tins from those visits are priceless.

Anyone else missing Teavana?


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