Home Tearoom: Sakura Blossom Tea

It’s time for a Home Tearoom session! Right now is the season for cherry blossoms and I wanted to share what it’s like brewing the blossoms themselves into a tea. I have tasted a blended sakura tea, but I wanted to experience the pure flavor of the flower alone. The brand I purchased is Honji-En and the flowers are harvested from a cherry tree variety called Yae-zakura.

First off, the packaged blossoms are preserved with salt and plum vinegar, so they will need to be rinsed before using for tea.

It only took a light dip in the bowl of water to remove the salt. Once the salt was off I placed the flower into a cup of hot water and let it steep for five minutes.

I decided to use this girly Pikachu cup for the tea ~ so cute

It was surprisingly simple washing the salt from the blossom and the tea itself was not salty. However, I probably needed to use less water–there wasn’t any flavor… (*・‐・*)

Eventually, I will try it again, but I want to save the flowers for a special occasion next.

Anyway, if you want to try this yourself, just know that it is not too difficult to rinse off the salt, it’s worth doing, it’s so elegant, and makes for a very photogenic cup of tea.

Thanks for reading ~

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