Hanami: Sakura Flower Viewing ❀

Hello~!  For the last few days I have enjoyed my cherry tree’s blooms.  They finally opened!  I had been eagerly waiting for my weeping cherry tree to flower for weeks.  I was concerned that they would prematurely blow off because of storms, but they have lasted so that I could appreciate the bud-to-bloom progression.  This was my needed excuse to sit under a tree and to enjoy some treats I have been saving for the occasion.

​The items I had were Lipton sakura tea, two types of mochi, a red cocoa KitKat bar, and Little Twin Stars sugar star candies.  I also made roasted barley tea (mugicha) to sip afterward. ^^

Since I had several treats to eat with the tea, I just set them on the saucer and brought it outside.  The tea is a blend of black tea with Japanese cherry blossoms, so it is a dark color.

It is still pretty early in the flowering period, so the tree isn’t super fluffy with flowers yet, but it is still so pretty~ the flowers are pure white with yellow stamens.

This tree blooms during the changing weather, so there is a lot of wind and/or rain that tug at the the delicate petals.  All of these factors make the already short flowering period even more short-lived–I am lucky for it to last a week!  But because of this, I have learned to appreciate the beautiful flowers sooner than later. ^^


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