Doki Doki Crate March 2020: Sakura Season

Hello, cuties~!  Here is the Doki Doki box for March 2020.  This month’s theme is Sakura Season, the season of cherry blossoms in Japan (which is coming up soon).​  Inside this box was five items: a Cardcaptor Sakura lamp, Cardcaptor Sakura spoon and fork set, Hello Kitty sakura towel, Rilakkuma sakura cup,  and a shiba dog plush.

This box is perfect because I have a weeping cherry blossom tree in my yard.  So, like the Japanese, I am planning on enjoying the short time that it will be in bloom by sitting underneath it, relaxing with a cup of a tea imported from Japan: Lipton sakura tea~!  I am eager to try the tea with some picnic foods, so the items from my Doki Doki box will add to the cute floral aesthetic. ^^

Thanks for reading!

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