Buyee: Japan Proxy Shopping Service

Recently, I found out about this Japanese shopping service called Buyee that enables you to purchase items that normally would only be available to Japanese residents.  They do this by shopping for you on websites like Yahoo! Japan, Rakuten, Mercari, and Yahoo! Japan Auctions for a fee. 

​Once the item is purchased, it is sent to Buyee’s warehouse where they will store the item for up to 30 days for free.  So if you are waiting for multiple packages and want to consolidate them into one box, you could.

There are different shipping options available.  However, if the weight or size exceeds a certain amount, be prepared to have to pay a lot for shipping.  The final shipping cost includes both the domestic shipping in Japan, plus the international shipping.  So until everything is put together, there is no telling how much the shipping would be.

I had a little too much fun finding bargains and rare items; so much so that once everything was consolidated into a single package, only the expensive shipping option was available.  Which was, besides being expensive, amazing because it only took four days to arrive from Japan to my doorstep in the US.

Are you curious of what is in the box?  Soon enough, I will write a post about it!

Stay tuned for more!

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