Youmacon 2019: Anime Convention

Hello, readers!  Today I attended Youmacon, an anime convention.  I have been going to this convention for years and I was happy to be able to go again this year.  My favorite parts of conventions is cosplaying, picking up cute merchandise, trying some food (if there are any places selling), and hanging out with friends.

This was a panel I attended~ it was about My Hero Academia trivia

While I was there, I checked out all of the vendors and picked up quite an assortment of goodies including a magical-girl style window pin (ita) bag, mini plushies, hair clips, a lolita beret, decoden keychain, kimono juban, obi-age sash, and other trinkets.

The Wild Bill’s Soda booth was next to Sweet Mildred, a lolita vender that was there ^^

I was kind of surprised that there were not really any k-pop merch at any of the vendor stations.  Last year there were plenty of BTS posters, standees, and accessories.  Oh, well, I guess I have enough of those anyway…

This is a crowd shot of attendees at the convention (I cut their faces)

I’ll have to say that the most unpleasant aspect of the convention are the grossly long lines and wait for registration.  I was in line for 3 hours!  This is the longest I have had to wait in line just for them to take my money and give me a badge. :p

Because it took so long, I missed the lolita fashion show T_T. Maybe if there is one next year I will be able to attend.

But for the positive mentioned reasons, I continue to go anime conventions for the overall experience.  Attending anime conventions is also a good way to see what is trending in the anime fashion community.  Like, I didn’t realize that ita (pin) bags were a real trend until I saw all the vendors today with so many styles available.  Which inspired me to pick one up so now I have a special spot to display my enamel and decoden pins.

Until next time, lovelies!

♥ Maria

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