Summer Roller Skating

This summer, I feel like I have taken advantage of the good weather to the fullest by doing many outdoor activities, particularly skating.  I have always liked skating, ever since I was little, but when I got into my late teens, I had fallen out of the skate scene. 

That is until my interest was rekindled by seeing what cute styles are out there!

My last pair of skates were inlines, which unfortunately had long since been donated.  But it gave me the perfect excuse to pick up the cutest pair of skates ever.  The ones I have are an adorable strawberry pink color, and they roll so well that I leave everyone in the dust. (*^^*)

Some days, I would skate until the sun started to set.  Simply beautiful!

With there being such good weather, it has been so easy to grab my gear and stop by a park after work or on a day off to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.  I haven’t skated so much in my entire life! ^o^

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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