Cute Kitsch Ceramic Figurines

Hello, everyone! ^^

Today I want to share with you something that has been entertaining me for the last couple of weeks.  Don’t ask me why, but I have been interested in adding kitsch to my house decor.  Kitsch is basically where you are decorating using a lot of trinkets, wall art, and semi-popular images. 

My styling currently ranges from Shabby Chic, kawaii (Japanese cute), and young girl, childhood nostalgia.  And, actually, adding the kitsch in has been pretty much seamless.  I already had some made in Japan kitsch ceramic figurines in my room, just a trivial amount compared to what my collection is now. (*^-^*) 

I will be highlighting my kitsch ceramic figurines.  Most of what I have picked up has been sourced from antique shops and thrift stores.  There are some key elements I look for in the ceramic figures: that is that they have cute coloring (pastels), have eyelashes or super cute eyes, are not frowning, have little wear and damage (I mean, they are antiques, so a little is fine!), and are made in Japan. 

Some of the types of figurines are money banks, salt and pepper shaker sets, chained mother and babies sets (not really sure what they are called ^^;), planters, or just the simple individual ones.   

In general, most of the things I use in my decorating already have a vintage flare, so I am really pleased to have found another styling element.  It has been a fun summer project and I am sure it will blend into another kitsch scene in the future. Such as anthropomorphic paintings (O.O).  But that is for another time. 


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